Drop Doubt [Band]

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Drop Doubt

Drop DoubtName: Drop Doubt
Aizawl, Mizoram
Genre: Progressive Gospel Rock

Drop Doubt band hi 2006 kuma Aizawla din an ni a.

Gospel band niin an band hming Drop Doubt tih awmzia hi Mizo tawng chuan Krista in min tlan tawh avanga kan inrinlohna [Doubt] zawng zawng hi thlahthlam [Drop] tur kan ni tiin a lehlin theih.

The definition of Drop Doubt according to this young Indian group is “A man must drop all his doubt for Jesus Christ who died on the cross to save us from our sins, and thus, your doubt should be dropped”

Band original line-up ah keyboard tumtu Tete-a niin a hnuah Remruata’n a rawn luahlan.

Vocals: Malsawmtluanga Sailo
Guitar: Zothanpuia Rokhum
Bass: Michael Rokhum
Drums: John Lalrosanga
Keyboards: Lalremruata Sailo

Social Media:

Thlalak – Pictures

Music – Hlate

Drop Doubt Mp3 Download

Album: Conscious Diversion of Faith
Released: 2011

  1. Drop Doubt – Download
  2. Invictus – Download
  3. Beneath The Thorn – Download
  4. Take Away – Download
  5. Desperate Call – Download
  6. Hringnun – Download
  7. Change – Download
  8. Repentance – Download
  9. I Tan Ka Hlan – Download
  10. Entrance of Heaven (feat. Feli Thangluah of Dr Luke) – Download

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