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Super Trio – Joseph Zaihmingthanga, Robert Lalduhzuala, Vanlalsailova


Founded: 2003

Super Trio is/was the coming together of 3 of the most popular Mizo male singers at the time.

It was during the 2000’s in Mizoram when the 3 most popular artists decided to form a love song band together that gained the attention of everyone. They were all love song singers at the time, but as time went on one by one they started to give themselves to Christ and that meant not being able to sing love songs anymore.

Since then they have broken up, but sometimes still sing together as they are all good friends.


Din Kum: 2003

An lar hun lai tak takin Mizo mipa zaithiam 3 an insuihkhawm a. Chuta tang chuan Super Trio a lo piang ta.

A tirah chuan Lengzem hla an sa a, mahse hun a lo rei deuhvin piantharna changin Gospel hla an sa hlawm ta a ni.

Hriat ve mai mai atan – October 15, 2003 khan an pathuma mipui hmaa an din chhuah hmasak ber a ni a. Hei hi Super Trio din champhaphakah official takin an pawm a. Chutih hunlai chuan love song sain an kalna lam apiangah mipui an thlek tir dual dual a. Chumi hnuah Pathianah piantharna changin, rawngbawl hrang hrang neiin awmkhawm si in thendarh siin an awm a.
– Lunglen, September 2013

Music – Hla

Super Trio mp3 format vek an ni.
Video/Hla ngaithla turin a hla click rawh.

Christmas Album: Ka Tan Lawmna
Album Download: Super Trio – Ka Tan Lawmna Album Download


  1. Kumpui Sul – Download
  2. Hmanah Kaiser – Download
  3. Aw Van Lengrual Zaithiam Te U – Download
  4. Ka Tan Lawmna – Download
  5. Aw Zan Thianghlim – Download
  6. Remthu Leng Rawh Se – Download
  7. Bethlehem Mual Tlaitla Engah – Download
  8. Chumi Zan Reh Takah Chuan – Download
  9. Ringtu Zawng Zawngte U – Download
  10. Bethlehem Arsi
  11. Zan Thiang Reh


Gospel – Pathian Hla

  1. Dai Ve Rawh Le – Download



  1. I Hmangaihna A Tawk – Download
  2. Theih Chang Ve Se – Download

 Pictures – Thlalak

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