R Lalhmangaiha (Kaka)

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R Lalhmangaiha nang ngaih

R Lalhmangaiha Thlalak

R. Lalhmangaiha (Kaka) Mizo Leikapui zaithiam.
‘Prince of Leikapui Style’

Born: February 02, 1988
Married: September, 2007
Death: July 21, 2008

2007 Mizo Idol contest-ah telin Mizoram rimawi khawvelah a rawn lut a, he contest-ah hian Top 10 thleng phakin 8-na a ni a, Leikapui Style a rawn larpui hle a, a hla sak “An Lung A Leng Ve Ngei Ang” tih phei chuan Mizoram dung leh vang a fan chhuak a ni.
– Source: Misual.com

R Lalhmangaiha Vuina Pic

R. Lalhmangaiha Vuina

R. Lalhmangaiha zaithiam dan hi hmanlai leikapui style niin a aw nen a inhmeh hle. Kan chan ta hi a uihawm takzet a ni.

A boral hun lai boruak vel takah a music video pahnih record tirh ‘Nang Ngaih A Zual’ leh ‘Dairial Chang Hnu’ an rawn release leh ngat phei hi chu ngaihtuahnaah a dinhmun nen ngaihtuahin a lainatawm. Nupui fanaute kalsanin a liamsan ta si a, he hlate hi a tihlut phah hle.


Album Released: An Lungleng Ve Ngei Ang


R. Lalhmangaiha (Kaka) mp3 download – Hla zawng zawng te hi mp3 format vek an ni.

Album Hlate

  1. Nghilh Bik Suh Rinpui – Download
  2. Phurhzawhloh Zun
    – Download
  3. Suihlunglen Hi – Download
  4. Lenrual An Kim Ta Lo (Version 2) – Download
  5. Lenrual An Kim Ta Lo – Download
  6. Dairial Chang Hnu Zuapa
     – Download
  7. Nang Ngaih A Zual
     – Download
  8. Chhuihthangvala – Download
  9. An Lungleng Ve Ngei Ang
     – Download
  10. Kumtluang Atan
     – Download
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