Sensiari Mizo Film

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Sensiari Mizo Film

Filma Hlate Mp3 Download: Sensiari Album Download

Written & Directed by Sangzela Tlau

ZOZAM Audio-Visual, Inc. Production

Department of Health & Family Welfare Governemnt of Mizoram in association with Canadian Lutheran World Relief presents Sensiari

Sensiari Mizo Film

Credit: Moon Stone

Sensiari Movie Credits

Sensiari Mizo Film

Elizabeth Zodinpuii – Partei
– CMS Dawngkima – Jerry
– Tlangthanmawii – Sangi
– C. Vanlaltana – Rampuia
– Lalhriatpuii – Julie

Vocal Performers
Henry K. Thanzauva
– Elizabeth Zodinpuii (Eli)
– Tommy L. Pachuau

  • Executive Producer – Chhuanvawra
  • Music – P.B. Lianhmingthanga
  • Production Supervisor – F. Hrangmuana
  • Set Design – Vana Ralte
  • Director of Photography – C.L. Zohmingthanga
  • Camera – B. Zosangliana
  • Editor – Francis Dominic

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