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Triau Trackx Members x

Triau Trackx Members x

1. Thlalak – Pictures

2. Music – Hlate

Hometown: Champhai


  1. C.D.Ngurkunga (Ngurtea) [Keyboards/Mixing/Mastering]
  2. C.Ramengmawia (Ramenga) [Drums/Composer/Backing Vocals]
  3. K.Lalremruata (Ate’a Khawlhring) [Lead and Rhythm guitars]
  4. Lalthazoa (Tz’a) [Bass Guitar]
  5. Malsawmkima (Naupang Kawlhrawng) [Rapper]
  6. Lalfamkima (Marshall FKA) [Rapper]
  7. Lalruatfeli (Ruatfeli) [Lead Vocals]
  8. Chawitei Ralte [Lead Vocals]
  9. P.C Ramnunsiama (Mama Pachuau) [Band Manager/Producer]
  10. Lalmuanzoa {Muantea} (Gabriel Graphix) [Videography/Photography]

Albums Released: Triau Trackx

Triau Trackx||Facebook

Triau Trackx hi Champhai musicians rual inzawmkhawm an ni a. An music video hmasa ber Hnih leh Li (2 leh 4) hmangin hriat an hlawh nghal a, chumi hnuah I Hla leh Ka Lo Nghak Reng Ang Che release lehin an hit chho hle.

Triau Trackx member-te hi an music tuizawng pawh a inang lo hlawm hle a, a band emaw group anga kal lovin project ang a nih angin an thawkho vek thin [chhiar chhunzawm Belhchian dawl Triau Trackx]



Hla Thar

  1. Lungtat Par [Original] – Download
  2. Lungtat Par [Demo Leak] – Download

Triau Trackx – Buy Album [Leina]

Hlate hi Zoland a upload an ni hlawm – Triau Trackx Mp3 Download

  1. Hnih leh Li (2 leh 4) – Download
  2. Ka Lo Nghak Reng Ang Che – Download
  3. Bang Tawh R’u – Download
  4. Kan Vul Dun Ang (Oh My God) – Download
  5. Hmalam I Pan Ang – Download
  6. Blah! Blah! (Kan Over Lo) – Download
  7. I Tello In – Download
  8. I(n) Tan – Download
  9. Zirtawp Zan – Download
  10. Van In Nuam – Download
  11. I Hla [Naupang Kawlhrawng] – Download
  12. Wow Wow(Vei Ding Vei) #Het_Shalla – Download
  13. Kan Hneh Ngei Dawn – Download
  14. Khawnge I Awm – Download

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