Blue Corn

by Hrang Zahawma
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Mizo hmeichhe group zaithiam Blue Corn.

Group member – Felicia, Tlingi, Kimkimi

Interview with Felicia Singson – June 10, 2010

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Felicia Singson Blue CornMizoram called her Mizo Shakira, Mizo Alicia, Mizo Madona and what’s not? Please tell me if there’s any popular singer’s name whom the Mizo did not call her! Hmmmmm, Felicia Singson is one of the best singers Mizoram has produced so far. She is a good singer whom all the people from the NE admired. She is not only a great singer but also intelligent, B. Com and now she is pursuing MBA in London. She and her two friends rocks Mizoram with the musical band named ‘Blue Corn’. This is not the end, she’s gonna rock Mizoram once she finished her MBA.

Name: Felicia Singson
Date of Birth: 15 Jan
Place of Birth: Aizawl
Educational Qualification: B.Com
Current Add: London
Zodiac: Capricorn

How did you get into singing? How old were you when you knew you could sing?
I got into singing when I was around 10 yrs old, started off in the Church.

Is there any singer you model yourself after and why?
The singer i idolise would be Alicia Keys.

How many album have you done so far? Tell me all in details.
As a group, me and my frens had done 2 albums, 1 of it, being a Christmas album.

Which song is your most favorite in Blue Corn album and why?
I don’t have a particular favorite song,, I like them all, I think they are all special as we put much thought into each of them and each song has a tie to one or the other point of our lives if not directly.

What’s your current project?
I don’t have a project thats musically inclined right now as I am planning to continue my studies, get my MBA degree and want to concentrate on that as of now.

How many music instruments can you play? Can you mention them?
I play the guitar but I’m much more of a learner and would never play it in public :-) , like most bathroom singers I’m more of a home-playing guitarist.

You have been singing in a group, do you like it and why not in single?
There are many perks of being in a group, its twice the fun when you are doing everything in a group, also you share the work everything and its a comforting feeling to be up on the stage with your frens esp. when you are starting out. But I’m not completely barring the thought of doing a single too.. When I finish my studies and I have got more time,, I might catch up on it.

What inspired you the most from your singing partners?
My band mates are great, they are 2 of the most amazing people I know ..

In your album(s), who have written/composed the lyrics?
Tlingi composed most of the lyrics and the band comes up with a tune.

What is your favourite piece of music?
The piece I like.. would be Bireli Lagrene-stella by Starlight, Gregg Karukas-Nightshifts and also Joe’s Flying in a blue dream.

Kinds of Music you like……..
Musics like Hip hop music, DrLUKE, R N B, Jazz, Blues, Soul music, Fox Elipsus

What is the best advice you’ve been given, and who gave it?
The best advice I’ve been taught is that life is a gift, count your blessing and not focus on the grim side.. thats something that I picked up from my mom. I feel that thats the secret to happiness.

What gives you satisfaction in your work?
Perfection gives me satisfaction in any work that I do.

What would you like to achieve musically, and why?
Right now my thoughts on what I would like to achieve musically is not so clear as I’m putting my focus on other things… if I decide to take a step in that direction i’ll let u know

How would you like to be remembered?
I would like to be remembered as a good person.

Do you have favorite songs in your head that you go back to, as reference points?
LOL, songs do tend to get stuck and I keep on humming them but it depends on what i’m listening to at that period, but as a reference no there are not any songs that I take as a reference.

What do you think is behind your latest wave of success?
Well I would say that every ounce of success that i’v ever received had been due to God’s grace and I believe that its for everyone else 2, that everything happens for our own sake and to our betterment.

Were there things about your career that surprised you — things that you never would have guessed when you were starting out?
I wouldn’t call it a career as it was but for a short period of time that we were involved in the show business..
For me I feel that my career is just starting be it in the entertainment industry of any other field,, I still have a long way to go and I want to give thanks to all people who has been there supporting and cheering for me.


Artist: Blue Corn
 Lunglawm A Kim

  1. Are Are Lanu
  2. Aw Bawihte
  3. Aw Vala Vala
  4. Di Hlui
  5. Hrilh Ka Hai Ngei
  6. Ka Hmangaih Che (Remix)
  7. Ka Hmangaih Che
  8. Kan Hlimlai Ni (Eee Aww Eeee Awww)
  9. Kumtluang Atan
  10. Lam Ang Letan Ka Sawm Che
  11. Lunglawm A Kim
  12. Min Hlan Ve Ta Che
  13. Nang Then Chu A Na
  14. Ngaiin Ka La Rawn Zawng Zel Ang Che
  15. Nunhlui

Blue Corn – Lunglawm A Kim Album Download: Download Album Audio

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