Saw Bwa [Zaithiam]

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saw bwa mizo

saw bwa mizo

Artist: Saw Bwa
Affiliation: YZTP, Zoforce

Facebook: Lal.Sawbwa

Saw Bwa is a Mizo singer from Burma/Myanmar. He is a rock singer that mainly sings love songs but also sometimes sing Gospel songs. He has a good voice that mix and matches loud music and soft music very well.

Sawi Bwa hi Burma lam atanga Mizo zaithiam a ni a, YZTP leh a dang dangah pawh a zai a hmuh theihin a zai hi ngaina tan chuan a thiam takzet a ni.

A hlate hi rock lampang ni hlawm deuh mahse a muangchang nen zawng pawhin a chawhpawlh a aw tham tilang lehzual turin.

Songs: Saw Bwa Hlate Collection [Mizo leh Kawl] Mp3 Download

  1. Dawnin – Download
  2. Ka Phurrit – Download
  3. Laklawh – Download
  4. Min Hrilh Rawh – Download
  5. Take Loh Myar 14 – Download
  6. Tunah Erawh Zawng – Download
  7. Fahrah Hla – Download


Mizo Hlate Download

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